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Shore Excursion Terms & Conditions

Please note that not all shore excursions are available on all sailings. Descriptions and pricing may vary.  Shore excursions will not be available for pre-booking until approximately 30 days prior to sailing (with the exception of the Romantic Escapades excursions) and can be added to your booking via the "Manage your trip" online tool. New tours, not previously listed for online sales, may be available onboard without prior notice. If you have questions please contact our Reservation Department at 1 (800) 848-6172 for assistance.

Once onboard, please refer to the tour descriptions for full details or consult with the Travel Concierge Team for further information.

Bonjouir's Garden of Eden
  • Bonjouir's Garden of Eden in Tahiti Iti
3.5 Hours - $95

Discover the amazing nature sanctuary that is Bonjouir's Garden of Eden. Located on the far end of Tahiti Iti, it is one of the most preserved areas of the entire island of Tahiti. This family garden spreads from the shores of the ocean to the majestic mountain of Fenua Aihere. Ocean-side, you will find a wide variety of supple and colorful flowers; on the mountain-side, you will find an arboretum including all local fruits, varieties of tubers - used in traditional cooking such as taro, fafa, manioc - and even centenary 'mape' trees. A river winds across with freshwater swimming ponds throughout, and vestiges of Marae Tapihoa and Pae Pae can be found towards the back of the garden.

During the visit, you will experience two guided tours; one explaining the local flora, and the other on the legends of the Fenua Aihere, while also tasting fresh local fruits along the way. For the more adventurous, you can swim in the river, hike up to enjoy the panoramic views and even feed eels.

Please note: A short van ride and boat ride will take you to your destination. Please bring a bottle of water, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, mosquito repellent and wear comfortable walking shoes. The tour starts and ends with a short drive to and from Teahupo'o Marina. Kindly note that wildlife is not guaranteed (eels can swim upstream if there's a strong current). Guests who decide to hike should be prepared with closed-toed shoes and proper clothing. Guests are encouraged to bring their swimsuit. Changing rooms are available at the Guest House.

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Highlights of Tahiti Iti
  • Taravao Lookout Point Located in Tahiti Iti
3.5 Hours - $95

Vairao is Tahiti's deepest bay, large enough to welcome the famous ocean liner, the SS France in 1972 and the French aircraft carriers; Foch (1966) and Clemenceau (1968). Departing the pier, visit the small village of Teahupoo (Te ahu-Poo, the wall of heads).

Today, Teahupo'o is well renowned for its surfing wave, known among the most famous surfers and home of Tahiti Pro, one of the biggest international surfing competitions in the world. While the sea may be quiet and the wave barely on sight, extreme swells can cause this wave to become up to 30ft high.

Upon arriving to the village, the road becomes a popular departure point for those looking to explore the Fenua Aihere & Te Pari cliffs, only accessible by foot. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach and pass by the lighthouse. It is a lush and quiet place that most locals visit as a retreat.

Continuing the journey through the northern coast of the peninsula towards Taravao, a winding road leads to a panoramic lookout point at 600m (1968ft), where you can admire the volcanic shape of Tahiti and the isthmus of Taravao. Drive along pastures where dairy cows graze throughout, as the peninsula is an important farming zone in Tahiti. The plateau's landscape is sometimes compared to the Normandy countryside in France.

Travel onward to a Polynesian beach village named Tautira located on the southeastern coast of Tahiti, referred to as "The Garden of the World," by Robert Louis Stevenson. Return to the ship after a day of exploring the rugged side of Tahiti Iti.

Please note: Tours operate mainly on paved roads, however some road conditions may be bumpy. Those with bad backs, pregnant women or persons who suffer from motion sickness or vertigo should be advised accordingly.

Guests are recommended to wear comfortable appropriate attire including shoes (walking, water or hiking as needed), biodegradable sun protection (cream, hat, rash guard…), insect repellent, sunglasses, and bottle of water.

Expensive jewelry or clothing should not be worn on the tour. Camera equipment should be carried with care and appropriate protection. While we strive to follow our timing, the duration is approximate time is dependent on the group interest and local conditions. The itinerary and order of stops may vary. Tours DO operate in wet weather, and are subject to cancellation prior to departure dependent upon inappropriate weather conditions that would lead to safety issues. Weather is independent from our control and no refund and/or compensation will be given for tours operating under the rain. We apologize but this tour is not available to guests in wheelchair or with walking difficulties, due to the uneven walking areas visited.

Tour price is subject to change in 2020.

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SCUBA Refresher Course
  • PADI certification with the m/s Paul Gauguin SCUBA instructors.
2 Hours - $50

Brush up on your SCUBA diving techniques in preparation for the diving opportunities that lie ahead during two informative sessions.

Meet your PADI-certified dive instructor by the ship's pool on deck 8 for a complete briefing on the use of the SCUBA gear, the laws of SCUBA, and a description of some important underwater skills. Your instructor will demonstrate these skills during the second session in the ship's pool.

For more information about our dive program, visit www.pgcruises.com/scuba. Available for advance booking 60 days prior to sailing; capacity is limited.

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Tahiti Iti Lagoon & Teahupoo Surf Point Cruise
  • Tahiti Iti Lagoon and Teahupo'o Surf Point
3.5 Hours - $95

View stunning turquoise lagoons and snorkel amongst coral reefs on an exciting excursion that highlights the natural beauty of Tahiti Iti.

Depart Vairao on a boat through the Vairao Pass, which has hosted famous ocean liner, the SS France, as well as French aircraft carriers Foch and Clemenceau. Arriving at the Teava-Iti pass, snorkel through a beautiful coral garden with colorful marine life. Continuing on, venture close to the world-famous Teahupoo surfing wave - home to some of the most impressive surfing in the South Pacific - including the annual world championship, Billabong Pro. There are likely to be surfers enjoying this challenging wave and you will have a front row seat. The excursion continues along the rugged natural coast of Tahiti Iti allowing you to discover the beauty of Tahiti Iti and its lagoon.

Tour price subject to change in 2020.

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